Best Practices for Reducing IT Cost-to-Serve

Irrespective of how the economy is performing, there’s always pressure on IT managers or departments to cut costs. IT analysts agree that a majority of an IT budget has to be put towards operations and maintenance leaving only a sliver of it for innovation.
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5 Benefits of Business Cloud Computing

As more and more businesses are dealing with a global and mobile workforce, often spread across many countries, there has been a trend towards cloud computing. Along with offering secure data storage on the cloud, this technology empowers both enterprises and individual end users to use their resources more efficiently. Continue reading

Top 10 Metrics to Monitor the Health of Your Help Desk

All of us have heard the famous adage – prevention is better than cure. This holds true when it comes to your help desk. You should check the health of your help desk to spot problem areas and fix them before they escalate and adversely affect your customers’ experience.

If you decide in favor of help desk outsourcing, it becomes even more critical to keep track of the efficiency your service provider in managing your help desk. Continue reading

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