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Private Data Suites

Custom solutions – space requirements of 500 sq. ft. and more

The ideal solution for firms whose core IT infrastructure demands distinctive power, space, cooling, or other service requirements. NetPulse‘s Private Data Suites removes the need to build, manage, and maintain your own data centre or colocation facility. Building and operating a data centre is an expensive, time-consuming, and specialised endeavour.

Costs for a fully-equipped, Tier III Design Certified server colocation room range between $2,000 and $4,000 per usable square foot. Thus, a 500 sq. ft. server room might require an investment in excess of $1,500,000 and many companies do not see making investments of this magnitude, worthwhile in a leased facility.

Our Solution

NetPulse will work with you to tailor a high-quality, resilient data centre for your specialized IT environment, configured to your exact requirements – with no capital investment required. At your option, we will assist with network and infrastructure design, migration, transition, and implementation. The scope of our activities includes:

  • Server room customization and cabling
  • Upstream and MPLS service provider selection and liaison
  • Hardware selection, purchase, and deployment
  • Equipment migration, re-configuration, and installation
  • Network monitoring and security management
  • Server management and data backup
  • Disaster recovery planning and implementation
  • Asset tracking, trends, and reports
  • SLA development
  • Application management and more

With your own, private data suite you have access to a secure, high-uptime environment for your vital business equipment and applications. You are free to focus your energy and resources on other strategic and operational matters, while we manage your IT resources at your private colocation facility.