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Back Office Support

NetPulse provides professional, high-quality back-office services, which allow organizations to concentrate on their core competencies resulting in revenue growth and increased profitability. Our support desk currently handles various non-core business tasks – from human resources and transactions to accounting and financial reporting.

Our services include:

  • Knowledge management
  • Workflow management Quality Performance (KPI)
  • Management Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Order Processing
  • Management Billing
  • Payment collection
  • Daily reconciliations

Our capabilities include:

  • Simplified and efficient operations that can handle large volumes of transactions
  • Exceptional service standards
  • Ability to meet critical client commitments and SLAs in time
  • Happier clients and improved client retention
  • Dramatic reduction in cost and processing cycle time, with standardized and streamlined processes
  • High level of data security and advanced IT support
  • Top accounting software with digital document management and drill-down reporting
  • Customized workflow applications for managing end-to-end processes
  • Assured accuracy and quality
  • A large, skilled resource pool with deep domain knowledge


Key Benefits: