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NetPulse provides Tier I to Tier III technical support to some of Canada’s fastest growing ISPs, long distance phone companies, and VoIP and wireless providers. Over ten years of experience has allowed us to build rock-solid expertise in IP services, telephony, and management of complex networks.

Using state-of-the-art tools and quality processes, we ensure quick problem resolution and immediate customer satisfaction. By choosing NetPulse as an outsourcing partner, these companies have obtained access to the best practices, skills, and technologies and have raised the quality of their customer service to new levels.

Case Studies

A local telecommunications company teams up with NetPulse to expand their customer base by 400% through great customer service, a secure disaster recovery solution, and top-notch network security. Find out more… A wireless telecommunications company seeks NetPulse’s help to provide effective customer service and technical support while reducing operational costs by over 40%. Find out more…