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International Healthcare Services Company


An international healthcare company, with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, aims to be the leader in healthcare case management while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. The company has a global reach with thousands of customers in over a hundred countries.


As a hugely successful and growing medical services provider, the company felt the pain of trying to ramp up their in-house applications, call centre processes, and data centres to meet the needs of their customers. Existing services were failing and they had no unified methods for judging customer satisfaction and service effectiveness.

To make matters worse, the company saw significant pressure from clients to upgrade their data centre and meet the legal requirements inherit to managing a large database of healthcare insurance cases. With no disaster recovery system, records were at risk and many potential customers were weary of trusting the company with their caseloads.


NetPulse performed a thorough Business Continuity Assessment that identified how a major disaster could affect the company’s data, security, and bottom line. The findings helped NetPulse create an effective Disaster Recovery Plan that would use a highly resilient network infrastructure to host company’s data in NetPulse’s Tier III data centre. Risks were further mitigated by a fully drawn out and tested process for dealing with every stage of a disaster.

NetPulse then implemented a set of application, process, and service updates that would see many business functions transferred to the cloud while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

To aid in the transfer, NetPulse hired some of the company’s IT staff to work in NetPulse’s Network Operations Centre. NetPulse created a compensation package, roadmap, and transition schedule for moving the employees’ responsibilities and processes over to NetPulse.

NetPulse also solved call centre problems by increasing the efficiency of the company’s telephony system, improving call responses, and creating standard reports and metrics for tracking customer satisfaction.


The healthcare services company saw immediate and measured improvements in many business functions.

The NetPulse solution significantly reduced risks from data loss and allowed the company to meet the legal requirements mandated by many of their customers. These benefits were realized through:

  • A formal, tested disaster recovery system assured through contractual compliance
  • A cost effective Cloud infrastructure with zero downtime
  • Improved IT management and visibility enabled by new tools, a cloud console, and better processes

General service metrics also increased by 60% — customers enjoyed faster service combined with effective responses.

On top of the other improvements, the company experienced heavy reduction in costs associated with application development, operations, and capital investments. Many of these improvements were due to the successful transition of company employees to NetPulse. The NetPulse solution met the company’s requirements for service growth, customer satisfaction, and disaster recovery.

Key Benefits: