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Help Desk and Systems Support

NetPulse Desktop Systems Support and User Help Desk Services cover tasks that keep desktop assets and systems running smoothly. NetPulse’s qualified and trained service technicians track user problems, answer procedural questions, diagnose and troubleshoot technical problems, and escalate complex problems to your own on-site resources or to NetPulse Tier II Engineers for resolution.

We offer you the following benefits:

  • Save up to 35% on salaries, training, supervision, management, space, facilities, technical infrastructure, and distraction from core business issues
  • Improve service quality through regular reports of availability, talk time, and time to problem resolution
  • Focus your core resources to critical business initiatives that provide more value
  • Dedicated career paths for desktop support employees. This reduces training costs, improves productivity, and ensures that our staff have a better understanding of your environment.
  • Adaptable and scalable infrastructure – our services ramp up quickly to meet spikes in customer support calls.

Key Features:

You receive a secure, current, and comprehensive automated patch management solution which keeps security holes closed. Your risk is reduced – even across networks which span multiple locations.

Our patch management solution includes:

  • Immediate installation of patches upon release.
  • Automatic, recurring, and ad-hoc network scans by time and computer group
  • Simultaneous deployment of all required patches
  • Operating system support for Windows 2003, 2000, NT, XP, 98, and 95
  • Transparency to users

We create and maintain a detailed and up-to-date inventory of your systems and IT assets. Regular audits ensure that all changes to assets are identified, recorded and tracked.

Our inventories include:

  • Complete hardware and software inventory: servers, workstations, mobile computers and software
    • Workstations, Notebooks, Servers, Routers, and Printers – local and network
    • Make, model and serial number of CPUs, PCI cards, memory, and drives
    • All installed software with licenses, version numbers, path, and description
    • OS version number and service packs from DMI and SMBIOS
    • Inventory of internal and external network links
    • Network settings: Local, WAN, and gateway IP addresses; DNS, WINS, DHCP, and MAC address
    • Additional, user defined system information
  • Complete inventories without user input, performance impact, or downtime
  • Automatic, recurring audits for accurate inventory
  • Centralized Inventory Repository – available on demand


We manage the process of constant software deployment and updates without physically touching computers, even across multiple networks, locations, or disconnected locations.

Our software deployment solution includes:

  • Remote deployment of software and application installation
    • Deployment of entire application suites, individual file updates, hot fixes, security settings, device and printer drivers, content distribution
  • Automated software distribution process
    • Servers, workstations, notebooks
    • Single or selected groups of computers
    • Enterprise wide installations of multiple applications
  • Flexible scheduling and full roll back

We provide IT policy management and enforcement throughout the organization to ensure a secure computing environment.

Our IT policy management solutions includes:

  • File, Application and Network access policies
    • All, groups or specific computers, files or applications
  • Detailed network usage by computer and application with drill-down reports

NetPulse provides a comprehensive, integrated Help Desk to rapidly resolve user issues. Your users and support personnel interact in real time with NetPulse staff via telephone, email or chat to report problems. NetPulse staff diagnose and resolve issues quickly and efficiently without physically visiting the desktop location.

Our help desk services include:

  • Immediate, 7/24 access to support personnel
  • Prompt troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Comprehensive issue documentation and history tracking
  • Escalation to Tier II staff
  • Generation and review of trouble tickets by users
  • Uses fast and secure remote PC access and control
    • Remote access to, and control of, computers via a standard web browser
    • Rapid, transparent installation and removal of remote control software components
    • Transfer Files Between Local and Remote Computers
    • No port mapping; no configuration of IP addresses; simple Windows drag and drop interface
    • Protected against man-in-the-middle attacks
    • All communications encrypted 256-bit RC4 using a rolling key
    • View only, user notification and video
  • Transparent deployment of desktop and server agents: silent installation, no reboot required


NetPulse provides integrated reporting for all data collected and stored during the service year. The reports are available in customizable list, table, and graphic formats at regular intervals. NetPulse Customer Service Managers regularly liaise with and present integrated reports to management for all staff, groups, or specific locations.

We can generate custom reports for many different topics, including:

  • Device and infrastructure information
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Patch, software and computer changes, logs and status
  • License usage and compliance
  • Network Usage and Statistics
  • Workstation Uptime History
  • Help Desk usage and trouble ticket history