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Infrastructure Management

NetPulse offers you the assurance that your infrastructure is protected and managed 24 hours a day by qualified, trained, and experienced technology staff. Our managed infrastructure services are backed by SLAs which guarantee improved operating efficiency, reduced costs, and lower downtime.

NetPulse’s Infrastructure Management services lets you anticipate and quickly react to system and infrastructure issues to prevent downtime and reduce operational costs. We provide comprehensive and proactive monitoring and management of hardware, operating systems, connectivity, and security from our two network operations centers in Canada and overseas. The following services are available in one comprehensive, low cost, monthly service package:

  • Windows and Unix Server and Systems Administration
  • Management and optimization of LAN and WAN Hardware and Software
  • Downtime prevention: 24/7 Network Monitoring and Alerts
  • Monitoring of network servers and devices based on custom thresholds
  • Automation of regular processes
  • Comprehensive trouble-ticketing system to track and escalate network problems
  • Detailed reports and statistics related to traffic, device usage, and failure
  • Access control: different views for different groups
  • Proactive monitoring of Windows Event Logs, Application, System, and Security Events
  • Automatic discovery of all network devices, including new device alerts
  • Detailed, real time analysis and reports of traffic going through the firewall
  • Reports by protocol, destination IP address, and source IP address
  • Searches based on keywords