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Our data centre features:

  • A Tier III Design Certified facility, comprehensively designed for maximum reliability and uptime
  • Abundant power, immediately available on demand and for growth
  • Facility-wide availability of in-rack, liquid-cooling for high-density environments
  • Private, custom data suites with controlled visibility and access
  • Raised floor with physically segregated power and cooling systems
  • Multiple upstream data and internet connections to Tier 1 carriers and providers
  • Triple-redundant power and climate control systems
  • Full gigabit Ethernet internal switching using enterprise Cisco devices
  • Separate mirror and disaster recovery sites in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver
  • All systems sourced from world class manufacturers:
    • UPS, switchgear, control systems, and backup diesel generators
    • Extended on-site fuel storage
    • Floor leak and heat detectors
    • Gas-based, waterless fire suppression system
    • Complete physical security: perimeter alarms, biometric authentication, and video surveillance
    • 24/7/365 network monitoring from dual Network Operations Centers

Whether you need secure, private space for your vital IT infrastructure, or need to co-locate your server cabinets, NetPulse will tailor the right solution to your requirements.