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Secure Private Cloud

Secure Private Cloud is an ultra-secure, high-performance private cloud solution from NetPulse. It allows you to set up your own secure private “virtual data centre” in the cloud, within minutes, with zero capital investment. Host your entire IT infrastructure on world-class equipment in Canada’s first Tier III Design Certified data centre.

To help secure and manage your cloud solution, NetPulse offers:

  • Data Backup Services
  • Server Monitoring and Response Services
  • Operating System Management Services

NetPulse’s cloud Data Backup services ensure that your business can return to an operational state even after a catastrophic data loss.

NetPulse’s Data Backup services:

  • Improve system performance by archiving historical data and ensuring manageable data size on production servers
  • Take one-time snapshots or schedule regular backups using NetPulse’s cloud control panel
  • Restore backed up data at any time. Recovery is 15 times faster than a tape backup solution
  • Provides local and remote storage options for disaster recovery process compliance
  • Protect backup images with RAID redundancy configuration
  • Includes dedicated 24/7/365 technical support

With NetPulse’s Server Monitoring and Response services, we will ensure that your servers are always up and performing optimally. Using our graphing feature, you will be able to see visual depiction of the usage of your capacity over time. Cloud computing has never been safer – we will monitor your servers 24 hours a day and seven days a week to spot and remedy any problem before they have a serious impact on your server performance.

NetPulse’s Server Monitoring and Response services:

  • Monitor operating systems, applications, databases, URLs, logs, and more from a single dashboard
  • Define thresholds for items like memory usage, HDD space, connections, and bandwidth
  • Tiered monitoring levels help you meet targeted business objectives and service levels
  • Receive proactive 24/7 monitoring and dedicated support from our NOC staff with the advanced Monitoring II plan

With NetPulse, you have access to an entire pool of resources and experts in every layer of the cloud stack. Our skilled IT staff specializes in Windows and Linux platforms, as well as Network, Security, DBA, Storage, and Virtualization.

With our predictive monitoring and patch management services, we ensure that your operating systems are up to date and running smoothly. We will alert you at certain thresholds to prevent any possible failures.

NetPulse’s Operating System Management services include:

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring and maintenance support
  • Performance management and reporting
  • Deployment of patches, updates, and hot fixes
  • Log file rotation for server performance optimization
  • Operating system re-provisioning in the event an OS becomes irreparable
  • Service upgrades (adds, moves, changes)
  • Enhanced security audit with complete server-side scan (in-depth registry sweep, intrusion detection, root kit detection, wares detection, folder volume checks, user and permissions audit, and patch update level determination)