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Data Centre Services

NetPulse introduces a new standard for data centres in Markham, Ontario, the technology capital of Canada. This state-of-the-art facility has been specifically designed so that it can be tailored to our clients’ specific requirements for power, space, access, security, and support.

NetPulse’s unique facility:

  • Is the first data centre in Canada to be Tier III Certified for Design by the Uptime Institute
  • Can be configured into private suites designed for specific client requirements
  • Offers unprecedented levels of power and cooling for high density equipment: up to 1.5 kW per sq. foot with immediate availability for growth
  • Saves over 35,000 tons of GHG emissions each year by using on-site tri-generation technology

Your custom-tailored data centre

Operating a corporate data centre in a regular commercial or office building inevitably means running into serious limitations of power, cooling, and space. NetPulse‘s new, ultra-modern, Tier III Design Certified data centre is located in a company-owned building which has been designed, from the ground up, to house a large, energy-efficient data centre. It presents clients an exceptional opportunity to obtain custom data suites adapted to their specific needs. NetPulse generates its own electricity on site, offering you the complete assurance that power and space will always be available to meet your short-term or permanent growth needs.