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Why NetPulse

Are you looking for a quality-obsessed outsourcing and technology services company? Do you need a company that can be your preferred, single-source partner of IT and BPO services? Choose NetPulse and you will receive sustained, significant, and demonstrable value from each of our services. Your company will gain access to proven systems, processes, and tools to generate immediate and measurable cost savings, quality improvement, and productivity gains. You can also expect a long-term partnership with NetPulse that will benefit both your business and your bottom line.

With honest, candid, and thoughtful interactions on all levels, you will appreciate NetPulse’s open and unbiased approach to doing business. Some of the largest brand leaders in their industries have established long-term relationships with NetPulse as their preferred outsourcing partner.

Phased approach

In order to minimise your transition risk, NetPulse will use a phased approach to migrate your business processes to our contact centers. For example, you might simply start with after-hours or weekend support and move to full 24/7 service only when you are fully satisfied that we have met all your expectations and have earned your trust.

Tailored Performance Delivery

Every client is different. At NetPulse, we take the time to understand your specific needs and develop processes tailored to your particular requirements. Your performance reports are customised to metrics tied directly to your analysed needs. You and your clients see immediate and measurable improvements in areas which you deem most critical.