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Customer Care

“The average disgruntled customer tells ten people, while the satisfied client tells only four …” – ISP Planet

Do you worry about customer support? If you said “yes”, we’d like to show you how you can transform your customer support function from a “burden” into a world-class service which will be the model for your industry. And, we’ll do this within eight weeks while also lowering your costs. Sounds impossible?

If you have been struggling with service quality, cost, and communication difficulties, you are not alone. Partnering with NetPulse Services can transform customer service into your company’s best weapon against the competition! With our customer service outsourcing, we have saved clients in Canada and abroad over $16 million and delivered massive improvements in quality – in the past five years alone.

With NetPulse, you can expect:

  • A 65% improvement in measured service quality
  • More than a 90% decrease in customer complaints
  • 35% plus savings in support costs (yes, you will save costs!)
  • Enormous reduction in management effort
  • New service ramp-up time cut from twelve weeks to three
  • Clear, precise, and accurate reports that are customized to your needs
  • 100% auditable records and documentation of all processes

Within eight weeks you will see immediate, measurable and significant improvements – contractually guaranteed through industry-leading SLAs.

We’ll also transparently deliver professional and personalized frontline representation of your company. We ensure that your customers feel that they are receiving quality service directly from your own employees at all times.

To see what our customers are saying about NetPulse customer care, click here.

Let NetPulse help you build an unshakeable foundation for long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key Features:

NetPulse’s comprehensive list of customer support services includes:

  • Filling and processing customer orders
  • Responding to product inquiries
  • Handling subscription programs
  • Providing retention and loyalty services
  • Troubleshooting and resolving customer problems