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Network and System Audit

Most I.T. executives are so busy up dealing with the emergent demands of business, that they simply don’t have the time to perform regular I.T. system and networks audits. Over time, even the newest, best-installed systems become slow, inefficient and outdated due to the demands of rapidly changing technology and general ‘entropy’. Poorly performing computer networks and systems compromise the security of your data, cause productivity losses, increase the risks of system downtime and adversely affect user and customer experience. Performing regular system and network audits allows you to quickly identify potential issues and vulnerabilities, prioritise them and take timely action to anticipate and mitigate risks and issues.


  • A comprehensive audit of key IT networks, systems, applications and processes
  • Opportunity to identify risks, threats and opportunities
  • A written report with data to back up findings and recommendations
  • Neutral third party with no vested interests
  • Benchmarking against industry standards
  • Free. No cost for initial audit!


The audit includes an overview and brief assessment of sixteen Key IT Performance Indicators as they apply to each element of your company’s IT assets and policies.  These elements and assets include:

  • Local and Wide Area Networks
  • Operating platforms: Unix, Windows
  • Applications
  • Desktops
  • Security
  • Backup and Restore
  • D/R readiness
  • IT policies and compliance
  • Processes and controls
  • Documentation and knowledge retention


Our methodology consists of

  • Interviews with employees
  • Observations and
  • Tests using commercial equipment


The outcome of the study will be an Executive Summary Report to the Project Sponsor(s) which covers:

  • The current scope and objective
  • Summary of finding
  • Priority based on impact, vulnerability and readiness
  • An overview of your network and systems with dated diagrams.
  • Recommendations and further action needed to deal with the most significant issues
  • Estimated costs of rectification and remediation of identified issues
  • Suggestions and items for discussion

This comprehensive service can help you identify and resolve existing and potential issues, optimize infrastructure design and maximize performance.

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